Jack Tindal

Respected Human Resources Executive


With an extensive background as a human resources executive, Jack Tindal possesses a strong reputation as an effective leader, a skilled communicator, and team builder. His career includes a number of positions in senior management, particularly in health care-related fields. Jack Tindal enjoys a solid track record of aligning various companies’ human resource needs with overall corporate goals as determined by management. 

Jack Tindal is a motivated, results-driven executive. He balances his ability to influence people with a management style that embraces collaboration. More than a quarter-century into his career, Jack Tindal provides expertise in performance management, recruitment, employee-labor relations, and compensation and benefits. His experience serving as a member of various boards of directors gives him additional insights into performance management, executive compensation, and mergers and acquisitions.

In 2009, Firstsource Solutions Ltd. recruited Jack Tindal to serve as Vice President of Human Resources for its North American operations. Firstsource provides business process outsourcing services to the financial, telecommunications, health care, and media industries. In his role as VP of HR, Jack Tindal oversees the company’s executive recruitment efforts. He also manages staffing, employee engagement and relations, governance, compliance, compensation and benefits, and values and cultural integration. 

As a member of Firstsource’s global HR team, Jack Tindal must ensure that human resources operations function in alignment with the business goals for both North America and the company’s international operations. Jack Tindal also fills the role of strategic business partner with management based in India and the United States.

A member of the Society for Human Resource Management, Jack Tindal holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of South Carolina and Master of Science in Administration and Human Resources Management from West Chester University in Pennsylvania. He also holds a membership in GLIP, the Greater Louisville International Professionals.